How do you start working with FlockData?

FlockData is a platform. If you’ve ever worked with a Key Value (KV) store, then you are well on your way to understanding the basics of tracking data into FlockData. FlockData not only tracks information to a KV, it also builds and maintains analytical databases for you with very little extra effort. FlockData uses JSON for all content that it then envelopes in to a hierarchy that supports our 3-tier data management strategy.


Contact us to configure you an AWS instance with the service up and ready to go.  If you want to run this on your own hardware, then you will need to build the code from source on BitBucket. Note that you will need to share your AWS account number with us.

Data tracking

The main use case is sending application content data to FlockData and retrieving this information. We call this data tracking.

To track data, you will need:

  1. A FlockData installation
  2. An API key
  3. Some data to track.

For more details on the API see the FlockData track documentation.


The FlockData API supports a number of information management calls, for different types of actions. The core API calls are:

    • Track (Post) – create a batch of entities
    • Track (Put) – create an entity
    • Log (Post) – update an existing entity
    • Retrieve (Get) – get or query some data stored in FlockData

See the FlockData API documentation for full information.



FlockData provides a number of pre-defined dynamic queries that let you visualize your data. In addition to this, full exposure to your data can be made directly against the underlying databases – Neo4j and ElasticSearch – by your own application logic independently of FlockData.

      1. You can use any visualization tools that support JSON.
      2. Enterprise clients can use FlockData viewer and data workbench, which bundles a number of D3 visualizations.

  • Get started

    FlockData is in private beta version 1.

    Are you interested in working with FlockData to make your life easier? Let’s help you get started? Just contact us, and we’ll get you early access to start working with FlockData. You can request an Amazon Web Services Machine Image with FlockData pre-installed.